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Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Creating artificial intelligence or an artificial mind has been a preoccupation of computer science (and science fiction) for decades, since the concept was introduced by scientists such as Alan Turing and John McCarthy. The original idea was built on the assumption that the human brain functioned like a machine - a body made up of small working components which individually were not conscious but together make a mind. Continue reading →

Tutor Interview Series: Susan Halford and Les Carr – What Next?

Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about. Week 6 will take a brief look back over the MOOC and consider 'what next'? It will be clear by now that the Web is evolving, and it will not remain as it is today. In this week we will consider where the Web might be in another 25 years, looking at emergent trends such as the internet of things, linked data and the semantic web. Continue reading →