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What’s to Like About Likes?

Last summer (2012), the BBC investigated the value of 'likes' on Facebook ( It found that companies were spending money to obtain likes, when these might often not actually be real people’s accounts – or from people who actually have an interest in that company. They demonstrated this by creating a completely fake page and received over 3,000 likes in a week. Continue reading →

Web Science: Understanding how business and society are being transformed using the Web

Unlike many other technologies, the Web has caused fundamental societal change of an unprecedented magnitude. Research on this ever-changing socio-technical phenomenon and its impact has been developing at a rapid pace in many disciplines at the DTC. Yet there is a great deal more to learn especially when the Web is positioned as the subject of focus. Continue reading →

Creative Digifest #SXSC3 is just 3 weeks away

MOOC participants who live in the area may be interested in attending this free event at the De Vere Hotel in Southampton on 19th November - a few tickets are still available. This year the focus is on a Dragon's Den competition and the event includes a number of short talks and workshops covering various aspects of developing and running a digital business to create value from digital technologies. Continue reading →

Tutor Interview Series: Lorraine Warren – Economy

Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about - This session is about new venture creation in the digital age.  The internet has made it very easy to create new businesses in a wide range of sectors - but it's important to get the 'business model' right otherwise you're unlikely to succeed. What are the main aims you want to achieve? - I hope to convince you that new venture creation is desirable and achievable, providing you take care and go about it the right way. Continue reading →

Tutor Interview Series: Lisa Harris – Economy

Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about. - In my part of Week 5 we will discuss what the application of digital technologies means for how employers are recruiting and how people get jobs. What are the main aims you want to achieve? - I'd like to inspire people to participate actively in online networks. This not only boosts our reputation, it gives us new skills in communication, creativity and reflective thinking. Continue reading →