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What do the Student Digital Champions do?

MOOC participants may well come across the #digichamps hashtag in social media conversations about the web Science MOOC. But who are the Digichamps and what do they do? Here, one of our new digichamps, Merel van Dijke, sheds some light on the subject: "The Student Digital Literacies Champions (or in short Digichamps) are a group of students from the University of Southampton with a passion for technology and education. Continue reading →

Let’s Be Open at #DE2013MCUK

MOOC participants may be interested in (and even inspired by) the themes of "Openness" in Wendy's keynote speech at the Digital Economy Conference at Media City Manchester yesterday. The growing openness in data, education and research is what is making this MOOC happen... Web Science staff and students were well represented at the conference, and I'll be updating this introductory post shortly. Check out #DE2013MCUK for a full record of the event. Continue reading →

Creative Digifest #SXSC3 is just 3 weeks away

MOOC participants who live in the area may be interested in attending this free event at the De Vere Hotel in Southampton on 19th November - a few tickets are still available. This year the focus is on a Dragon's Den competition and the event includes a number of short talks and workshops covering various aspects of developing and running a digital business to create value from digital technologies. Continue reading →

Tutor Interview Series: Lisa Harris – Economy

Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about. - In my part of Week 5 we will discuss what the application of digital technologies means for how employers are recruiting and how people get jobs. What are the main aims you want to achieve? - I'd like to inspire people to participate actively in online networks. This not only boosts our reputation, it gives us new skills in communication, creativity and reflective thinking. Continue reading →