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The Web and Challenges to Gender

It’s tempting to believe that communicating on the Web is faceless, bodiless, and genderless. Indeed, this notion formed part of the basis of cyberfeminism, which envisioned a post-body, post-gender future inhabited by cyborgs. Without physical cues, an Internet user could be free to be anyone or anything without consequence.  While this may have been true 20 years ago (when this comic was published), it sadly is no longer. Continue reading →

Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Creating artificial intelligence or an artificial mind has been a preoccupation of computer science (and science fiction) for decades, since the concept was introduced by scientists such as Alan Turing and John McCarthy. The original idea was built on the assumption that the human brain functioned like a machine - a body made up of small working components which individually were not conscious but together make a mind. Continue reading →