Hackathon at Google UK to help flood relief

UK floods

A hackathon event is taking place in London tomorrow (Sunday) at Google UK and run in conjunction with the Open Data Institute, to use open data for flood relief efforts. Projects proposed so far include:

  • A centralised website that serves as a “one stop shop” for local and national emergencies where critical information can be accessed.
  • Have an API so people can get the data in which ever form they want e.g. SMS codes and/or customised web/ phone specific apps.
  • A crisis map displaying such weather warnings, evacuation zones, evacuation centers and Red Cross emergency shelters (See this Google map during hurricane Sandy)
  • Instructions for volunteers on how to help and what is needed
  • Get major news outlets to remove paywalls during the storm and promote links to any information hubs.
  • Help people plan for the worst by using a checklist/app like this one.
  • Encourage online rental properties to match between homeowners who are willing to give discounts on their property for people who had to evacuate theirs like Airbnb did.
  • Provide parents with tools to explain what to do in an emergency like Sesame Street did.
  • Have Tech City member companies offer help with data recovery, backup power systems, temporary desk space and temporary websites.
  • A request ‘app’ where flood victims can share their location with what help they need. Could share their needs via sms or an actual app.
  • Oxford Flood Network (see sushack.com – hack in November 2013)
  • Enabling community led flood preparation, resilience or recovery:
  • Helping communities to form new social networks on the ground, assisted by equipment & provision providers to clean up their neighbourhoods collaboratively

See the website for the full list of ideas on how you can help.

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