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Answering your questions on Week 1 This week several members of the course team met to answer some of the key questions that have come out of the course this week. Some of the questions that educators tackle include: 1.9. Salim Al Hajri: How do these names vary through time and space? I mean from place to place (Europe to Middle East to China) and from the Romans to nowadays? Michael Smith: Maritime archaeology is the study of man-made objects, cultures, etc., in and around the sea. Continue reading →

Improved timelines in Shipwrecks course

The course team has been busy reading through all of the feedback from the last run of the course, so that we can make improvements before the course goes live again (hopefully at the end of March/beginning of April). Before then, we will include some updates on changes that we have made to the course. You may remember that the course features two timelines: 1.15 The development of a discipline 2.26 The archaeology of seafaring through the ages (N.B. Continue reading →