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Your help is needed! Please complete a 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage

Hello, and welcome once again to the Shipwreck and Submerged Worlds Blog! As part of ongoing research at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology Research Group (CMARG) on public perception of maritime heritage, we hope that you might take ten minutes or so to complete the following survey: 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage. This information helps the MOOC team better understand how to improve the course and tailor both it and blog posts to your interests. Continue reading →

Your relationship with the Sea.

We want to know about your views on maritime archaeology in your part of the world, whether that’s Britain or Bahrain, Europe or Uruguay. One of the most exciting parts of the MOOC for the team at Southampton is the opportunity to hear more about people’s experience of and views about maritime archaeology and maritime heritage around the world. Continue reading →