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Meet the team: Ammandeep Mahal

(BSc Hons Archaeology, University of Nottingham; MSc Hons Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton). My passion for archaeology stems from my travels; in Asia, Africa and Europe, I have acquired a taste of the richness of different cultures and traditions. I wanted to understand how these amazing cultures developed over the centuries and provide us with the diversity that we see in the modern world. Continue reading →

Danielle Newman – a short biography

Hello!  My name is Danielle Newman and I am currently working towards a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. My work focuses on how theories and models of public engagement are currently being applied to maritime archaeology. I look at how academics think maritime archaeologists are communicating with the public and then go and interview people who are working on engagement programmes to see how theory is being applied. Continue reading →

Esther Unterweger – a short biography

Esther Unterweger, Karl-Franzen University Graz, Austria and University of Southampton, England (BA Art History, MA Provincial Archaeology and Maritime Archaeology, Scientific Diver) While studying Art History in Austria (Karl-Franzens University of Graz) and in Spain (University of Valencia) I developed an interest and later on passion for Archaeology. During my MA in Archaeology in Austria I focused on Provincial Archaeology especially in the provinces of North Africa and Asia Minor. Continue reading →

Crystal Safadi – a short biography

Hello! I'm Crystal Safadi and I've been a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton for almost two years now. I completed an MSc in Archaeological Computing- Spatial Technologies which focused on Early Bronze Age settlement patterns in the Beqa'a valley, Lebanon. In the summer of 2013 I was awarded a scholarship by the Honor Frost Foundation for a Masters in Maritime Archaeology, followed by a Ph.D. Continue reading →

Fraser Sturt – a short biography

Hello, I am Fraser Sturt and I am one of the educators on the Shipwrecks and   Submerged Worlds course. I am a maritime archaeologist with specialisms in prehistory, geoarchaeology and advanced computational techniques. Essentially I am interested in how people's relationship with the world's oceans and seas has changed through time; from the impact of changing sea-levels on population and resource distribution through to the connections  created through seafaring. Continue reading →