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Danielle Newman – a short biography

Hello!  My name is Danielle Newman and I am currently working towards a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. My work focuses on how theories and models of public engagement are currently being applied to maritime archaeology. I look at how academics think maritime archaeologists are communicating with the public and then go and interview people who are working on engagement programmes to see how theory is being applied. Continue reading →

Tamsyn Smith – a short biography

Hello! I'm Tamsyn Smith and I'm a Learning Designer. I've been supporting the academic team in creating Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds. My background isn't in archaeology, so I've had the fortune to learn a lot during the creation of the course - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I've been present when the videos for the course were being filmed, looking over the shoulder of Joe, our amazing camera-man. Continue reading →

Fraser Sturt – a short biography

Hello, I am Fraser Sturt and I am one of the educators on the Shipwrecks and   Submerged Worlds course. I am a maritime archaeologist with specialisms in prehistory, geoarchaeology and advanced computational techniques. Essentially I am interested in how people's relationship with the world's oceans and seas has changed through time; from the impact of changing sea-levels on population and resource distribution through to the connections  created through seafaring. Continue reading →