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Week Four

Photo Archives and Maritime Cliches

During last week’s Tweetchat @agi_mv asked about the use of satellite technology in identifying submerged sites and shipwrecks. The discussion that followed ended up on the beaches of south India about 10 years ago, beaches which Julian had identified kattumaram boats on from GoogleEarth images and on which Lucy, Julian and I (along with Dr Colin Palmer, Dr Selvakumar and a handful of other fantastically patient Indian colleagues) spent some weeks recording and researching fishing boats. Continue reading →

Questions on Week 4

Hello and welcome to Week Four. This is a question and answer session which normally we have lots of the facilitators and educators here altogether in the same room, but this week lots people are out in the field and so what we're going to do is record a few question individually and hopefully we can then answer them in the same way that we did last week. Continue reading →

Discussion about ethics in relation to Maritime Archaeology

On Thursday 30th October 2014, the Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds team took part in a Google Hangout on ethics and Maritime Archaeology. This video recording of the hangout features subtitles, and a downloadable transcript is available: Google Hangout on ethics transcript Transcript of discussion on ethics and maritime archaeology Fraser: OK, hello, potentially lots or few people – we really don’t know who is out there. Continue reading →