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A place for submerged aircraft in maritime archaeology?

In this post, maritime archaeologist Tony Burgess examines the growing sub-field of aviation archaeology. When one thinks of maritime archaeology, the first images conjured up are those of shipwrecks, and maybe harbours and submerged landscapes, but (perhaps for fairly obvious reasons) rarely of submerged aircraft, and yet aircraft and all things maritime do share common ground, both literally and theoretically. Continue reading →

Your relationship with the Sea.

We want to know about your views on maritime archaeology in your part of the world, whether that’s Britain or Bahrain, Europe or Uruguay. One of the most exciting parts of the MOOC for the team at Southampton is the opportunity to hear more about people’s experience of and views about maritime archaeology and maritime heritage around the world. Continue reading →

UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology

The UNITWIN Network (University Twinning and Networking Programme) for Underwater Archaeology was established in 2012. It aims to increase capacity in the participating countries through international cooperation. In accordance with the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, it aims to enhance the protection of, and research into, underwater cultural heritage. Continue reading →

Have you found any gold yet? Misconceptions in Maritime Archaeology

Any field of work attracts misconceptions, but the romance and mystery of maritime archaeology provides the perfect bed for a wide range of assumptions about what maritime archaeology covers, what we can learn through the material record and how we go about making discoveries. What we aren’t Maritime archaeology is the study of people’s changing relationship with the sea and connected waterways through material they left behind. Continue reading →

Reflections on Archaeological SCUBA Diving and Sharks

SCUBA dive shop owners who have been in business since the 1970s all share first-hand the devastating impact the 1975 release of the blockbuster summer film ‘Jaws’ had on their business.  Almost 4 decades later, most of us have seen this iconic film and if honest, confess its impact on our own ‘healthy’ (or unfortunately, misinformed unhealthy!) fear of sharks. Continue reading →

New Quarterly Newsletter: ACUA Student

New Quarterly Newsletter: ACUA Student The student representatives for the ACUA are now releasing a quarterly newsletter ACUA Student geared toward all underwater archaeology students, undergraduate or graduate! These newsletters will contain great information on current student research, upcoming conferences, field school opportunities, and ways to advance your professional career.Filed under: Misc. Continue reading →