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Plan the dive, dive the plan: Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds (2nd run)

It’s with a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation that we’re gearing up for the next run of the Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds course (which starts on Monday 25th May). The first run last year was an incredibly positive experience. We had no idea what to expect, or an understanding of how people would react to the content we had created. From my experience working out on site and doing lectures for different societies, I thought that there would be a good level of interest. Continue reading →

Winchelsea Medieval Port Project

New project at the ancient port of Winchelsea, East Sussex, to include geotechnical survey and an RTI survey of the Ship Graffiti in St. Thomas Church and the cellar underneath Blackfriars Barn. Find out more at the Medieval Ports, Ships and Sailors conference in Winchelsea on the 26th of April 2015. For more information, and to register, please email Continue reading →

Ports and harbours

A port, a harbour or an anchorage place? Essentially a place to safely moor your boat or ship. These critical points of contact and exchange, interfaces between different cultures, located between land and sea, have been relatively little studied by archaeologists in the past, until recently. Seminal works on harbours were published by Blackman in 1982 in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. Continue reading →

UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology

The UNITWIN Network (University Twinning and Networking Programme) for Underwater Archaeology was established in 2012. It aims to increase capacity in the participating countries through international cooperation. In accordance with the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, it aims to enhance the protection of, and research into, underwater cultural heritage. Continue reading →

Axes and ancient boat building skills

CMA masters students spent most of the long bank holiday weekend at Buckler’s Hard in the New Forest learning ancient boat and ship building skills. The backdrop of the River Beaulieu, the intermittent sunshine and occasional ice cream belie the serious labour (both physical and intellectual) involved in learning to work with adzes and axes. Using a range of replica tools students worked with chunks of oak to recreate boat building technologies from the Bronze Age to the Post Medieval period. Continue reading →

‘What is a boat? Materials and moments’ Seminar on 27th Feb.

  The next Departmental Seminar on Thursday Feb 27th, 5-6pm, will see Jesse Ransley discussing material stories and boats: What is a boat? Materials and moments. Subodh Gupta’s 2012 sculpture ‘What does the vessel contain, that the river does not’ is a kettuvallam, a ‘sewn’ boat from Kerala, filled with everyday objects, from chairs and cooking pots to a bicycle and television. Continue reading →

St. Mary’s River Archaeological Project – Findings from the 2013 field season, by Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker, postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton, will give a talk on his maritime research and fieldwork. This Centre for Maritime Archaeology Research Group seminar will take place on Thursday, January 30, at 14:00 in the Centre for Maritime Archaeology lecture room (Building 65b). A live broadcast is available on this link Abstract: The St. Continue reading →

Sea-level and Society in Southern Peru by Dr. Fraser Sturt

The next Centre for Maritime Archaeology Research Group seminar on fieldwork presentations is by our own faculty member Fraser Sturt. The talk is entitled “Sea-level and Society in Southern Peru” and will take place Tuesday November 19, at 11:15 am, in the CMA lecture room Building 65b. The seminar will be streamed live on this link Continue reading →