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Crowd-sourcing translations

We're aware that Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds has many learners based around the world. We want to make sure the course is accessible to as many people as possible, so we're asking for your help with content translation. We've made as many of the course videos as possible available on our YouTube channel and are hoping to crowd-source translations. It's very easy for you to do. Just submit subtitles in any language other than English. Continue reading →

Your help is needed! Please complete a 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage

Hello, and welcome once again to the Shipwreck and Submerged Worlds Blog! As part of ongoing research at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology Research Group (CMARG) on public perception of maritime heritage, we hope that you might take ten minutes or so to complete the following survey: 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage. This information helps the MOOC team better understand how to improve the course and tailor both it and blog posts to your interests. Continue reading →

Questions on Week 4

Hello and welcome to Week Four. This is a question and answer session which normally we have lots of the facilitators and educators here altogether in the same room, but this week lots people are out in the field and so what we're going to do is record a few question individually and hopefully we can then answer them in the same way that we did last week. Continue reading →

Questions on Week 3 Charles Weager (Blackwater, Yateley, Hampshire, UK): I find it interesting that a simple method of changing the sail shape existed. That they could head to within 60degrees of the wind is fascinating. Was this technology available to Medieval ships? Is it lost technology? I had always understood that until the use of Lanteen (Triangular) sails that shipping was seriously restricted hence the need to rely on the trade winds for ocean navigation. Continue reading →

Answering your questions on Week 2 Like last week, we've got a selection of team members (Fraser, Thomas and Rodrigo) together in an informal setting to try to answer some of the questions that learners have asked this week. A few of them are ones that were posted in Week 1 after our last video, but most of them are from Week 2. Questions carried over from Week 1 1. Continue reading →