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Maritime History

Preserving maritime traditions

In this short video, Crystal discusses the importance of preserving maritime traditions. Do you agree with Crystal? Further information on the preservation of maritime traditions If you are interested in maritime traditions, you might want to visit Traditional Maritime Skills. This is the website of the Traditional Maritime Skills project. The aim of this EU project is to record wooden boatbuilding skills. These skills are in danger of disappearing as masters of the trade retire. Continue reading →

Your help is needed! Please complete a 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage

Hello, and welcome once again to the Shipwreck and Submerged Worlds Blog! As part of ongoing research at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology Research Group (CMARG) on public perception of maritime heritage, we hope that you might take ten minutes or so to complete the following survey: 10 minute pre-course survey on maritime heritage. This information helps the MOOC team better understand how to improve the course and tailor both it and blog posts to your interests. Continue reading →