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Bonhomme Richard – a missing wreck

In this short video, Eric Rodriguez describes his favourite shipwreck: Bonhomme Richard. Bonhomme Richard's final resting location is the subject of much speculation. The ship's location is thought to be off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, a headland near where her final battle took place. A number of unsuccessful efforts have been conducted to locate the wreck. The quantity of other shipwrecks in the area and the local fishing industry have complicated searches. Continue reading →

The Loss of the Gribshunden (1495) and Preliminary Archaeological Investigations

Guest post on Gribshunden by Rolf Fabricius Warming Gribshunden, also known as Gripshunden, and Griffone, was a large Danish warship employed in the fleet of King John I (Danish: Kong Hans) who reigned in Denmark from 1481 to 1513. Gribshunden appears in some of the earliest Danish fleet records and is amongst the first Danish vessels to be described as a carvel. Continue reading →

Reflections on Archaeological SCUBA Diving and Sharks

SCUBA dive shop owners who have been in business since the 1970s all share first-hand the devastating impact the 1975 release of the blockbuster summer film ‘Jaws’ had on their business.  Almost 4 decades later, most of us have seen this iconic film and if honest, confess its impact on our own ‘healthy’ (or unfortunately, misinformed unhealthy!) fear of sharks. Continue reading →