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Improved timelines in Shipwrecks course

The course team has been busy reading through all of the feedback from the last run of the course, so that we can make improvements before the course goes live again (hopefully at the end of March/beginning of April). Before then, we will include some updates on changes that we have made to the course. You may remember that the course features two timelines: 1.15 The development of a discipline 2.26 The archaeology of seafaring through the ages (N.B. Continue reading →

Contemplating the necessity for international collaboration in maritime research

This has been a busy week. Instead of writing the dreaded chapter for a gazetteer, this week has been filled with meetings and seminars from visiting scholars undertaking maritime research around the globe. The arrival of our colleagues from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA), the University of Western Australia, Thessaloniki University (Greece) and Yokohama National University (Japan) has been coincidental; we were not hosting an international symposium or congress. Continue reading →