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17th-century English ship remains found in St. Mary’s City, Maryland, USA

Ship Remains Identified in the St. Mary’s River Working and pleasure boats have plied Maryland waters for centuries.  No one knows how many wrecked or abandoned ships lay hidden In Maryland’s rivers and bays.  One suspected underwater site that was first mapped in 1994 gave up some of its secrets this summer.   Scott Tucker, archaeologist and doctoral candidate from University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, has been exploring what may be the remains of a ship in the St. Continue reading →

Digital Boat Recording: The Latest Technologies

Digital Boat Recording: The Latest Technologies The University of Southampton Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Archaeological Computing Research Group, with the support of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, are pleased to announce a workshop on ‘Digital Boat Recording: the latest technologies’, that will be held at the University of Southampton, Faculty of Humanities, Lecture Theatre B on May 20th 2013 between 09:30 – 13:15. Continue reading →

CMA Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series

The CMA Research Group is hosting a Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series to highlight the work of CMA faculty and students over the past year. 10/9 Dr. Fraser Sturt – Archaeology Underwater? Recent fieldwork on the Pleistocene Landscape 10/16 Scott Tucker (PhD Student) – St. Mary’s River Archaeological Project: 2012 fieldwork season results: Click here to view this talk. Continue reading →