My favourite shipwreck: HMS Invincible


IMG_7383In this short video, Rodrigo discusses why HMS Invincible is currently his favourite shipwreck. He also discusses his first favourite shipwreck, El Triunfante:





My name is Rodrigo Ortiz and I joined University of Southampton in 2013. I’m one of the MOOC facilitators this year.
Well, my favourite shipwreck at the moment would be the HMS Invincible because I did my Masters dissertation on it working on some site formation processes, looking at how the environment changed through geophysics and historical charts. That’s my favourite one at the moment. It’s a very important one for the British Navy because it revolutionised naval architecture during the 18th century.
But my first project doing excavation underwater was El Triunfante near Barcelona with the CASC [Underwater Archaeology Centre of Catalonia]. It was a Spanish ship of the 18th century also, so that was my favourite one at the moment, so to be honest it’s been changing throughout my development through maritime archaeology.

Further reading on HMS Invincible:

Current research on site done by Pascoe Archaeological Services and the Nautical Archaeology Society in close collaboration with MSDS Marine. This project is funded by Historic England.

  • HMS Invincible Facebook page
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