Two craft boats to make at home!

Two different types of model boatBy now, some of you may be wanting to share your love of maritime heritage with friends and family members.  These are two model boats that I made this summer with my second cousins, ages 4-12.  My adult cousins had a lot of fun making them as well.  The wax boat on the left was made using Babybel cheese wax, a bamboo skewer and some coloured paper.  The origami  Sampan was made using paper, but for extended wear wax paper is recommended!

The best part is, they both float! This is because the weight of the amount of water both boats displace is greater than the weight of the vessel itself. In effect, the water pushes up against the boat with more force than the boat pushes down.  This creates buoyancy.

Wax model boat

Origami paper model boat

Check out the following links for more detailed instructions on how to make these crafts: Wax Boats & Origami Sampan.

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