Bonhomme Richard – a missing wreck

In this short video, Eric Rodriguez describes his favourite shipwreck: Bonhomme Richard.

Bonhomme Richard’s final resting location is the subject of much speculation. The ship’s location is thought to be off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, a headland near where her final battle took place. A number of unsuccessful efforts have been conducted to locate the wreck. The quantity of other shipwrecks in the area and the local fishing industry have complicated searches.

Attempts to locate the missing wreck, using USNS Grasp, were filmed for the Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ships series. The mission was unsuccessful


Hi! I’m Eric Rodriguez. My favourite wreck is the Bonhomme Richard, which is a very important wreck both to both American and British histories, specifically for its involvement in the war of 1812, as it was commanded by John Paul Jones.

It was sank to the HMS Serapis and it is from this wreck, although it hasn’t found, that we get stories and famous phrases, simply such as the “I have not yet begun to fight”.

Further reading about Bonhomme Richard

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Serapis and Bonhomme Richard
“Serapis and Bonhomme Richard” by Richard Paton. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

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