Virtual issue of International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (IJNA) has created a FREE virtual issue. It contains an introduction by Dr Julian Whitewright as well as eight articles that relate closely to the content of the course.

Virtual issue of IJNA

There will be links to articles at relevant points during the course, but you may wish to visit the journal now and read some of them.

The articles are a good indicator of the kind of content that is usually available in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. It covers all aspects of nautical archaeological research. The journal’s themes include seas, ancient ships, harbours, cargoes, and the sailors of the past. IJNA also covers the latest explorations, discoveries and technical innovations in maritime archaeology.¬† Information on well-preserved artefacts discovered through underwater archaeology is especially valuable since these materials are seldom, if ever, found in excavations on land. If you enjoy this special edition of the journal, you may wish to subscribe, or find out whether it is available in any of your local libraries.

When will the virtual issue be live?

  • October 1st to November 28th 2014
  • January 21st to April 1st 2016

 Which articles appear in the virtual issue?

You can also find information about how to subscribe to this journal on the virtual issue page.

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