Questions on Week 3

Charles Weager (Blackwater, Yateley, Hampshire, UK): I find it interesting that a simple method of changing the sail shape existed. That they could head to within 60degrees of the wind is fascinating. Was this technology available to Medieval ships? Is it lost technology? I had always understood that until the use of Lanteen (Triangular) sails that shipping was seriously restricted hence the need to rely on the trade winds for ocean navigation. Even the shipping along the Indian ocean coasts depended on the prevailing monsoons because of the undeveloped sail technology. Yachting still does, anyone sailing from Europe to the Americas will head south to the Azores or the Canaries before heading West on a favourable wind.

2.12 Navigation and trade

Astrid Niemann Jorgensen: What did Mariners do when they got blown off course?

3.2 Our changing seas

Alastair Mellor: Are the affects of man taken into account? For example a vast area of the Netherlands is reclaimed from the sea and in England the area of the Wash is smaller than it was in medieval times (due in part to Dutch engineers). Are there many landbased shipwreck hunters?

3.2 Our changing seas

Christine Scates: I hope this isn’t a silly question but in the video it mentions the volume of sea water being affected. How is this measured?

3.11 Marine geophysics for submerged landscape investigations

Does Southampton use the Kray computers at Bracknall for seismic interpretation or have their own?

3.8 Geophysical techniques for maritime archaeology

Valerie Naylor: Are submerged worlds protected from, for example, the placing of wind turbines or oil rigs? If a developer discovers archaeological remains during exploration, are they obliged to report them? And if so, are archaeologists given a time window in which to assess the site or can a preservation order be placed on it, as on land?

3.13 Archaeological methods for submerged landscape investigations

When talking of hand axes & the like found in river gravel deposits. Is it possible that these early peoples made offerings to their gods as has been found in much later sites such as Flag Fen?  JACKI HART

3.16 Case study on marine geophysical surveys: the SS Richard Montgomery wreck

Lots of questions about the safety of the SS Richard Montgomery and how make wreck sites with ammo safe!

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