New Member of Combat Archaeology: Thit Birk Petersen

We would like to officially welcome a new member to Combat Archaeology, Thit Birk Petersen!
Her bio can be found below and in the members section. Thit has recently written a small article on the subject of Refshaleborg Castle for Combat Archaeology which can be found here.

Thit Birk Petersen

Thit Birk Petersen holds an Mag. Art. degree in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Copenhagen and has studied Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology at the University of Glasgow. She has specialized in medieval castles and manipulated landscapes, particularly focusing on the impact of castles on the surrounding landscape, both in war and periods of peace. She has 19 years of experience with experimental archaeology and re-enactment via the Middle Age Centre in Nykøbing F. and is a decent longbow archer. She has participated in gunpowder experiments and longbow experiments. Her current research focuses on the bow from prehistory to the Middle Ages. She is currently employed at Museum Lolland-Falster as an archaeologist, responsible for everything concerning photography at the Femern-project.

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