Danielle Newman – a short biography

Danielle NewmanHello!  My name is Danielle Newman and I am currently working towards a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

My work focuses on how theories and models of public engagement are currently being applied to maritime archaeology. I look at how academics think maritime archaeologists are communicating with the public and then go and interview people who are working on engagement programmes to see how theory is being applied. Hopefully, my research will present a better picture of how to make maritime archaeology more accessible and people more engaged in their maritime heritage.

Prior to beginning my PhD research I completed an MSc in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton and a BSc in Archaeology from Cardiff University. I also hold a BFA in Photography from the University of Saskatchewan.

I have worked on a variety of maritime based programs, included the Centre for Maritime Archaeology’s Montenegro research project in 2012 and the Southampton Maritime Festival in 2013.  I am also a volunteer on the Maritime Archaeology Trust maritime bus.

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