Crystal Safadi – a short biography

Hello! I’m Crystal Safadi and I’ve been a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton for almost two years now. I completed an MSc in Archaeological Computing- Spatial Technologies which focused on Early Bronze Age settlement patterns in the Beqa’a valley, Lebanon. In the summer of 2013 I was awarded a scholarship by the Honor Frost Foundation for a Masters in Maritime Archaeology, followed by a Ph.D. I’m just completing the final requirement of the Masters’Crystal Safadi program, writing the dissertation, and have to say this past year has been an incredible experience. My Masters’ research focuses on the topographic characteristics of ancient Bronze Age and Phoenician harbour sites in the Levant, and the maritime conditions (winds/waves) under which they operated. For my Ph.D., starting October 2014, I am undertaking a research on the maritime cultural landscapes of the northern coast of Lebanon. A topic that bridges the material evidence for human activity from land and sea, and is based on several components, archaeological, environmental, historical, and anthropological.

I’ve been involved in several archaeological projects in Lebanon, mostly excavations of Bronze age and Iron Age settlements, and in an underwater survey at the site of Anfeh. In summer I’m taking part  in underwater excavations at the site of an 18th c. wreck in Deltebre Spain, and an Ottoman shipwreck in Paralimni, Cyprus.

I’m always keen on developing skills that are useful in research such as the use of Geographic Information Systems, spatial analysis, and geophysical data processing and interpretation. I’m looking forward to engaging with everyone on this course and hope you get the most out of it.

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