CMA Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series

The CMA Research Group is hosting a Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series to highlight the work of CMA faculty and students over the past year.


Dr. Fraser Sturt – Archaeology Underwater? Recent fieldwork on the Pleistocene Landscape


Scott Tucker (PhD Student) – St. Mary’s River Archaeological Project: 2012 fieldwork season results: Click here to view this talk.

Thomas Dhoop (MA/MSc Student) – Archaeology of Cogs in the Flanders Harbour and public engagement

Mike Stratigos (MA/MSc Student) – Crannogs in Loch Kinord, Aberdeenshire


Professor Jon Adams – Historic Period Shipwreck Investigations in Sweden


Clara Fuquen (PhD Student) – Ethnoarchaeological fieldwork at Choco Region, Colombia

We will update this schedule as it develops further, with at least two more dates planned.

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