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Registration opens for our MOOC

It is really gratifying to know that registration has now opened for the Portus MOOC, with the course actually starting in May. A huge amount of effort has been expended in getting us to this stage. Filming sessions in the field with our students during the 2013 Portus Field School was intensive and, as I hope you will agree, hugely rewarding and since then we have been assembling other materials and thinking of ways to bring you closer to the site and our activities there. Continue reading →

My Archaeologist is an App

I’ve now listened to the second of the excellent programmes by @Sarah_Montague on @BBCRadio4 about the revolution in educational technology, and also the interesting discussion this morning on @BBCr4today between Professor Mary Beard (Cambridge), Professor Martin Bean (VC of the Open University) and Sarah Montague. Continue reading →

The Portus MOOC and Southampton Alumni

I am very keen that the Portus MOOC engages with University of Southampton alumni. In part I hope that this is a way to say thank you for their input to the University, both as students and more recently, by providing a free way for them to continue learning with us. But I also see these alumni as bringing a different perspective to the MOOC cohort. Continue reading →

MOOC launch getting nearer

We are busy working on bringing together the content for the Portus MOOC which should be launching soon. We have lots of footage recorded on site by the fabulous team from CITE, and we are also bringing in the various digital objects created over the past decade of research, including videos and animations, raw data, timelines, maps and so on. Lots to do but it is fun. Ask me again later in the year... Continue reading →