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What does the Ocean mean to me?, Page 2

What does the Ocean mean to me?

As you all, my interest and passion to the ocean and the sea environment started from simple feelings that came to me when I was interacting with the sea. The ocean represents to me freedom next to discipline, silence versus storm, enigmatic yet very simple. This photo collage reflects some of my past experiences at sea which inspired me to pursue a career in ocean science. Continue reading →

What does the ocean mean to me?

Hello everyone! I am going to share with you some pictures from the oceans which are representative for me. My area of expertise is the deep-sea so I am going to focus on that. Next week it will be your turn to tell us what the oceans mean to you! Although a scientist myself, when I hear the words "deep-sea" I find it hard not to think of the angler fish. Of course, this truly vast environment has much more to display, but the angler fish is nevertheless iconic. Continue reading →

What does the ocean mean to me?

Hi everyone Given that your first task is to give us examples of images which you feel best represent the oceans, here are a few which I feel highlight their significance. 1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Few places give us a more spectacular view of the influence of the oceans on Earth. Over millions of years they shape the continents through the processes of erosion and deposition, redefining landmasses and providing one of the most important environments we have - Coastlines. 2. Continue reading →

What does the ocean mean to me?

As part of the activities for week one (#UoSFLOceans1), here are some of my favourite ocean images, and a little bit about what they mean to me. The first image comes from a field trip I was part of a couple of years ago to Iceland, we visited the Jökulsárlón ice lagoon, featured in several movies, notably the car chase scene …