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Blue Planet | Episode 3 | Coral Reefs

It is difficult to disagree that coral reefs are of global importance – the most biodiverse, the most colourful, and often associated with tropical paradise. As well as aesthetic beauty, reefs possess huge biological and socioeconomic value. They are the primary source of food for up to a billion people, act as natural storm barriers, bring in millions via tourism, have potential in medical research and provide a nursery for species from all over the rest of the ocean (1). Continue reading →

Freshwater Injections

Hello MOOCers! It has been a very interesting week 2 on the MOOC, and we have seen a lot of debate about tidal power, and how structures like the Severn Barrage would affect the estuary and wildlife, versus the potential "green power" benefits. It has also been quite a different week with the content, a little bit of maths, congratulations to everyone who gave it a go, and don't forget you can download the PDF with the answers from FutureLearn. Continue reading →