Our Blue Planet Too

Blue Planet 2 has started and aren’t the sights we are seeing incredible?

Southampton academics, Dr Jon Copley and Dr Cathy Lucas were asked by the BBC to be scientific advisors on Blue Planet 2 and Jon also features in the ‘Exploring our Oceans’ free online course, that this blog was originally set up for.

We wanted to bring the science to life that you are witnessing in Blue Planet 2 by showing you how it relates to research and teaching happening here at Southampton. Kieran Murray, a fourth year Marine Biology student, and other contributors will be posting articles and insights following each episode so you can continue to explore the wonders of Blue Planet and find out how the ocean relates to our everyday lives.

You can also investigate the other threads in this blog that relate to the content of ‘Exploring our Oceans’. It is a fantastic course and one that has inspired many to further their interest in marine and ocean science.

Don’t forget to drop in on the University’s dedicated Blue Planet 2 web page too. There will also be commentary and quotes each week from our academic community following each BP2 episode.