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Josh Allin: How did I become involved in ocean sciences?

Hi, I'm Josh and I'll be one the facilitators here on the Exploring our Oceans MOOC. My journey into Earth and ocean sciences began at A level Geography, where I became interested in physical geography and geology. This led me to undertake a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Earth science at University College Cork. While at UCC I studied many different disciplines of Earth science, including oceanography, geology, climatology and palaeontology. Continue reading →

Google Hangout – Thursday 6th March 2-3pm

Hello MOOCers! Week five will start on monday, and one of the highlights of this week is the Google Hangout we have planned for thursday afternoon. This will take place between 2 and 3pm, and you will have the chance to chat to the educators and facilitators online. You do not have to use a google account, you can watch through YouTube instead, so you do not need any additional log ons or accounts. Continue reading →

We want your links!

Dear MOOCers This weeks activity has been to share your info graphics with us relating the amount of salt in the sea, to another known volume, and we have had some amazing creations, I have particularly enjoyed theĀ "7 Billion Elephants" analogy, and the excellent image relating how much sea water would be needed to obtain Juan Mata's weight in salt! One of the highlights of facilitating on this course has been the interaction between students, facilitators and educators, and a lot of... Continue reading →

#UoSmorestars or #UoSmoremicrobes?

  As a starter for this week, we are asking you whether you think there are more stars in the sky, or more microbes under the sea (FutureLearn). According to calculations, the global ocean contains approximately 4.4 x 1028 living microbial cells. (For anyone not familiar with notation such as 1028, 4.4. x 1028 means 44000000000000000000000000000 living microbial cells, or forty-four octillion if you prefer!). Continue reading →

Oceans Movies!

As we approach the end of Week 2, and the weather has been so awful this week, I thought you might appreciate a list of ocean based movies from a selection of PhD students here at NOCS. These are in no particular order, and are a mix of documentaries and fiction. Some are all about the ocean, some focus on natural disasters, and some focus on the significant threats to the ecosystem from human activity. Continue reading →

Where are you studying?

Good Evening MOOCers! I hope you are looking forward to next week, it will be different to last week, but hopefully with the same great level of discussion as we had last week. Next week is all about circulation, tides and the effect of the earth spinning. As before, each of the facilitators will be online for around an hour a day to help guide you through the content, and answer any queries you might have. Continue reading →