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Renewable Energy

Severn Barrage Vote

Good Evening MOOCers! Our most popular discussion this week has focussed on the proposed tidal barrage for the River Severn. Topical and controversial, this plan has been debated for over 30 years, though its first proposal was in 1849, and at the moment, has stalled. The most recent plan was that proposed by Halfren in 2013, an improved version of their 2010 plans, however the project has never been given the green light, largely due to the environmental impact. Continue reading →

The future of renewable energy

Renewable energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.┬áIt is a well known fact that currently governments throughout the world are exploring the various possibilities of renewable energy, seeking for the best way to incorporate them into their total energy budget. But still, questions such as feasibility and cost remains. First, let's review some of the common renewable energy which are suggested today: 1. Continue reading →