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My path to a PhD

Hi everyone! My name is Vicki and I am a first-year PhD studying at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton within the Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimatology research group. I have always been a naturally very curious person, with an interest in the environment and oceans. Continue reading →

Guest post from Gwen Owen Jones – Biomarkers: what can they tell us about the past?

Throughout this course, you are learning lots about how the ocean behaves today but have you ever thought about how it behaved in the past? Both Matthew and myself are Palaeoceanographers and this is precisely what we study: how the oceans and climate have varied throughout time. Hopefully over the remainder of the course you will hear a bit more about this subject from me, Matthew and some other members of our research group. Continue reading →

My Research: Millie Watts

Hello MOOCers! I am currently a second year PhD student at NOC working within the Geology and Geophysics research group on the Arctic Landslide Tsunami Project. This is a five year long consortium project involving 14 different research institutions across the UK. My role within it is to assess the occurrence of very large submarine landslides in the context of climate change. Continue reading →

My Research: Cristian Florindo-Lopez

Hello everyone, My name is Cristian Florindo-Lopez and this autumn I will be part of the "Exploring our Oceans" MOOC’s mentors team. On a regular day, I am a PhD student on my third year at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. In today’s post I would like to share with you what my research is about. Briefly, I could say it is framed in the dynamics of Polar Regions, specifically the Arctic Ocean. Continue reading →

My research; Josh Allin

Hi MOOCers and ocean lovers. This here's a little short post about my area of research, which focusses on submarine landslides. I am currently working on two different research locations; the first of which is Nazaré Canyon, offshore Portugal. Nazaré Canyon is a large submarine channel, comparable in width to the Grand Canyon. At it's mouth (purple in the image below) the canyon is almost 5 miles across and is at a depth of over 5000 m. Continue reading →

Emma Cavan: My Research

My name is Emma Cavan and I have recently entered the 3rd year of my PhD at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. I would now class myself as a ‘Biological Oceanographer’ or a ‘Marine Biogeochemist’. I am currently exploring the biological carbon pump and so my PhD takes me all around the world on large research ships to sample the open ocean. Continue reading →

My Research: Josie Robinson

Hi everyone, My name is Josie Robinson and I’m excited to be a facilitator on the “Exploring our Oceans” MOOC. I’m just entering the 3rd year of my PhD at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, where I’ve been looking at ocean iron fertilisation. By iron fertilisation I mean the addition of iron, which is a vital ingredient for life along with other essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Continue reading →