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A guest post from Prof. Maarten De Wit, Nelson Mandela University

Last year Marten De Wit was hosted at Southampton and took part in the MOOC. Maarten is an Honorary Fellow of the Geological Society and a Professor at Nelson Mandela University. He wrote a short post about his time here for the blog: As I travelled back from Southampton to my own university flanking the Indian Ocean (Nelson Mandela University) I came to appreciate and respect much better the global value of the NOC and the Ocean and Earth Centre of the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

Hi There!!

I’m Dr Josh Allin, a marine geoscientist and former PhD student at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton. My research focusses on the processes that transport sediment within the world’s oceans, particularly submarine landslides and turbidity currents. Submarine landslides and turbidity currents are one of the most voluminous sediment transport mechanisms operating on our planet. They are also the principal mechanisms transporting sediment into the deep ocean. Continue reading →

Welcome to “Exploring our Oceans”.

  Welcome to "Exploring our Oceans"! Although we still have a few days before we get started on the course, this is a brief welcome to the MOOC, and a taste of some of the topics we have coming up over the next six weeks. This blog site will be home to your mentors and educators for the course, all of us PhD students and academics at NOC who will be guiding you through the material and sharing a little bit about our daily lives here at the National Oceanography Centre. Continue reading →

My Research: Cristian Florindo-Lopez

Hello everyone, My name is Cristian Florindo-Lopez and this autumn I will be part of the "Exploring our Oceans" MOOC’s mentors team. On a regular day, I am a PhD student on my third year at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. In today’s post I would like to share with you what my research is about. Briefly, I could say it is framed in the dynamics of Polar Regions, specifically the Arctic Ocean. Continue reading →

Heather Goring-Harford: How did I become involved in Ocean Sciences?

Let me share one of my most vivid memories with you. When I was ten years old, my dad took me to the British Museum, and waiting for the train back home at Charing Cross station we stopped in WH Smiths for something to read. Dad said I could have any magazine I liked. Of all of them, the one that inexplicably appealed to me sat on the bottom shelf, sporting two yellow fish on the front cover – Practical Fishkeeping. My dad thought it was funny but bought it for me anyway. Continue reading →

Helen Burns: How did I become involved in Ocean Sciences?

Hi MOOCer's I'm a 2nd year PhD student researching the controls on the Southern Ocean overturning circulation. As a kid my favourite part of the year was visiting the mountains; from our own Welsh and Scottish hills to the slightly more formidable Alps. I had no idea what I wanted to go and do after school, but I knew I didn't want to be stuck in a lab all day so Earth Sciences which had abundant field trips to mountains seemed like a logical choice. Continue reading →

Josie Robinson: How did I become involved in Ocean Sciences?

Hello! In this post I’ll talk a little bit about how I ended up doing a PhD at the world class National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Let me hold my hands up and say it was never my grand design from childhood to be an oceanographer, I have very much been carried here by the current of my life. As for most, my life direction was decided during high school, when I had to choose between Geography and History for my GSCE’s. Continue reading →

Cris Florindo-Lopez: How did I become involved in Ocean Sciences?

When I look back in time, the pathway I followed to this point seems unavoidable, as if it had been a clear and unique choice. It was, nonetheless, small and blind steps what determined that track. I guess I was just following what I found thrilling and I was never sure where it would take me. In fact, it still remains the same and I started believing it will always be that way. As a kid I always enjoyed all kinds of challenges and adventures. Continue reading →

Josh Allin: How did I become involved in ocean sciences?

Hi, I'm Josh and I'll be one the facilitators here on the Exploring our Oceans MOOC. My journey into Earth and ocean sciences began at A level Geography, where I became interested in physical geography and geology. This led me to undertake a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Earth science at University College Cork. While at UCC I studied many different disciplines of Earth science, including oceanography, geology, climatology and palaeontology. Continue reading →