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Week one of an Atlantic crossing aboard the RRS James Cook

It’s been about a week since the RRS James Cook departed from Rio De Janeiro on its expedition across the South Atlantic Ocean. As we waved goodbye to sugarloaf, I had not yet fully realised that next time I set foot on land would in Cape Town in 6 weeks’ time. This will be my longest expedition yet and if each week is as exciting as this first, then its setting out to be an incredible journey. Continue reading →

No excuse for Single Use

Anyone that watched the 4th episode of Blue Planet 2, the Big Blue, was most definitely affected by the scene with the mother carrying her deceased calf. The cause of death was assumed to be due to plastic contaminating the milk and thus poisoning the baby whale. It was a heart-breaking scene that brought our excessive use of plastic to the spotlight for millions to see. Continue reading →

A brief introduction to microplastics

The word microplastic has slowly but steadily crept up in scientific literature over the past couple of years. These small and near invisible pieces of plastic have created quite a name for themselves, along with a lot of confusion around what they are and how they may be damaging the environment. Public awareness to help reduce plastic use is an excellent way forward but not all of the information feeding this movement is based on sound evidence. Continue reading →