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Where are you studying?

Good Evening MOOCers! I hope you are looking forward to next week, it will be different to last week, but hopefully with the same great level of discussion as we had last week. Next week is all about circulation, tides and the effect of the earth spinning. As before, each of the facilitators will be online for around an hour a day to help guide you through the content, and answer any queries you might have. Continue reading →

Your Word Cloud!

Good Evening MOOCers! Just a quick update tonight, so far we have had over 500 words submitted in the "What does the ocean mean to you?" activity, it is fair to say that the most enjoyable aspect of facilitating this course so far has been the overwhelming response on the Padlet walls, we have each really enjoyed looking at the nearly 1000 pictures you have uploaded or shared with us, and it has really made it clear that the ocean means something special and unique to all of us. Continue reading →

The Trieste, 1960.

Good evening MOOCers! There has been such a lot of discussion about the course content, it is great to see so many of you enjoying the course! We have had a lot of comments on the timeline where you can discover the history of ocean exploration, so I thought I would share an additional resource about a dive that has always fascinated me. Continue reading →

Course Overview

  Before we get started on Monday, the course team thought you might appreciate a very brief overview of what to expect from the MOOC, and the topic outlines for each week: Week 1: A hidden landscape (starts 03 February) Getting started in the course The history of ocean exploration Modern mapping of the oceans  Week 2: Mobilis in mobili (starts 10 February) How much water is there? Tides Our spinning planet Week 3: A living soup (starts 17... Continue reading →

Twitter Feeds!

Dear MOOC-ers! Enjoying the MOOC? Why not get involved on Twitter! All our educators and facilitators are online, as well as the National Oceanography Centre, making it easy to get updates, news stories and alerts about new posts on the blog! Course Tags: #UoSFLOceans Educators: Jon Copley: @expeditionlog Rachel Mills: @RachelAnnMills Verity Nye: @DeepSeaV Facilitators: Josh Allin: @JoshRAllin Eric Attias: @AttiasEric Matteo Ichino: @Mat_Cha_Ich Paris... Continue reading →

What does the ocean mean to me?

As part of the activities for week one (#UoSFLOceans1), here are some of my favourite ocean images, and a little bit about what they mean to me. The first image comes from a field trip I was part of a couple of years ago to Iceland, we visited the Jökulsárlón ice lagoon, featured in several movies, notably the car chase scene …

Welcome to the MOOC!

I am currently a few months in to my PhD at the National Oceanography Centre, where my research is focused on the connection between submarine mega-landslides (SML’s) and climate change. I am part of the Arctic Landslide Tsunami project, which involves 11 different organisations around the UK, working together to asses the risk to the UK from these events. Continue reading →