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Cruising – What scientists get up to out at sea

Back in November and December 2016 I went out on a cruise on the National Oceanography Centre's very own RRS Discovery! We spent three weeks off the North-West African coast, just south of the Canary Islands. The main objective of the cruise was to test the piston coring system and train the crew in how to use the equipment to get ready for a full research cruise early in 2018 in the South Atlantic. Continue reading →

My Research – North Africa and the Oceans

During my PhD at Southampton I am researching how North African climate has varied over the last few hundred thousand years. With predicted changes in future climate it is important to understand how these may impact upon Africa. For example, it is possible that slower Atlantic Ocean circulation will lead to reduced rainfall in North Africa.  This could cause extended periods of drought, which could, in turn, lead to increased migration out of the region. Continue reading →


Hello! My name is Matt, I’m a first-year PhD student here at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton and am looking forward to being one of the facilitators for the ‘Exploring our Oceans’ MOOC. During my time in Southampton I’m studying the climate of North Africa and how it has varied over the last few million years. Continue reading →