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Adventure on the ocean waves

My first taste of a research expedition was on the RV Belgica in 2012. The Belgica is a scientific research vessel owned by the Belgian state and manned by members of the Belgian navy. The cruise started from the port of Galway, Ireland. The expedition was to the Irish Margin in the Northeast Atlantic. I joined a team of marine biologists and marine geologists from the University of Ghent. RV Belgica docked in Galway After a tiring journey I arrived late in the evening to Galway. Continue reading →

A day in the life of a polychaeteologist

My PhD work is split between two institution, the Oceanography Centre in Southampton and the Natural History Museum in London. Working at the Natural History Museum is an amazing experience, so here is how one of my typical days would go.... Morning: I Arrive at  the museum and enter through Gloucester road entrance (staff only) to avoid the crowds of tourists and school children streaming into the museum. Continue reading →

Pretty Polychaetes!

Paris has already written about cutest sea creatures now I want to showcase the beauty of polychaete worms... For those of you unfamiliar with polychaete worms (bristle worms), they are segmented worms generally found in marine environments from shallow coastal waters to deep-sea abyssal plains.  On each body segment of a polychaete worm there is a pair of fleshy protrusions called parapodia, these bare many bristles called chaetae. Continue reading →

Hello Ocean Explorers

Hi everyone, My name is Laetitia Gunton and I am a facilitator on Exploring our Oceans MOOC. I'm a third year PhD student at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton joint with the Natural History Museum, London. My PhD research is into deep-sea worms living in the sediment of underwater canyons. I hope that you all have a fun time taking part in this six week course and learn a lot about the fascinating environments hidden beneath the ocean waves. Continue reading →