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Introducing: The Megamouth Shark

  When most people think of sharks they think of white sharks breaching and tiger sharks in crystal clear Bahamian waters. So when a rare deep-sea megamouth shark (Megachasma pelagios) washed up in the Philippines early this year, I had a lot of people contacting me asking if it was even real. You bet your bottom dollar it was real and here are some facts and photo's to stimulate your inquisitive brains. 1. Continue reading →

Glow In The Dark Sharks

Are you afraid of the dark? Are you afraid of sharks? If, so you might think that the cold, dark depths of the deep-sea would be a nightmare. With predators such as the goblin shark, the knifetooth dogfish and the viper dogfish lurking in the shadows, you might be right. It gets creepier still. Some of the sharks that live down here have come up with an incredible way to go about their pitch black business. Some of the sharks down here can....glow in the dark. Continue reading →