About our team

Lead Educators

jtcnew-jpg_sia_jpg_fit_to_width_inlineDr Jonathan Copley is Associate Professor in Marine Ecology (part-time) within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton. As a marine biologist, his research explores life in the ocean depths that cover most of our world, and he has led expeditions discovering new species of deep-sea animals.

In June 2013 he became the first British person to dive more than 5 km deep in the ocean, taking part in the first dive by a human-occupied vehicle to the world’s deepest known hydrothermal vents.


Professor Rachel Mills is Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton, and the President of the Challenger Society for Marine Science. She researches the earth-ocean system, using geochemical techniques to understand how material is transported from the sea floor into the oceans and its impact on life processes.


Mentor (facilitation) team

Our mentor team respond to Learners’ queries in the course during the live run and also contribute to the blog. They are all PhD students/Postdoctoral researchers at NOCS – the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.