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Investigate a largely unexplored underwater realm

Exploring our Oceans. See how the ocean is connected to our everyday lives

We invite you to investigate the deepest parts of our oceans, exploring an underwater world that has been unknown for most of human existence. Study our online course, for free, from anywhere in the world with leading ocean explorers.

What lurks beneath?

In this four week interactive course, you will see how the ocean depths are no longer out of reach and how they are connected to our everyday lives. We will engage you in our expedition findings and share our knowledge on the least touched areas of our oceans. Join a global debate on the future of our oceans!

Together we’ll look at the animals that swim in these dark waters, the creatures that live on the seabed and the makeup of the underwater environment they live in.

Professor Rachel Mills, University of Southampton says: “We look forward to you joining us online for four weeks of deep ocean exploration. Whether you are a student wanting a taster of our oceanography degrees or are a lifelong learner with a passion for our oceans, we’ll introduce this exciting science to you in an accessible way.”


The University of Southampton with FutureLearn ran its first Massive Open Online Course in Oceanography – Exploring our Oceans – between February and March 2014. The course is continuously evaluated and updated after each run.

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