Live Hangout with Dwight Coleman from the Inner Space Centre

Hello and welcome to a special blog post for the MOOC,

On Thursday the 1st of October, we will be hosting a live Google Hangout with Dwight Coleman, director of the Inner Space Centre. Dwight has participated in over 25 research cruises, and the Inner Space Centre plays an active role in the Nautilus Live Program, which broadcasts oceanographic research cruises in real time.

The Nautilus just ended their season last week when they finished up work with Ocean Networks Canada on their ocean observing arrays. The other ship that works closely with the Inner Space Centre is the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. They are currently conducting dive operations on and around Johnston Atoll in the Central Equatorial Pacific. The live feeds can be viewed here. The Okeanos is wrapping up their field season at the end of the month. Both ships will then be preparing for a very active 2016 season.

You can explore the project here, where there are some fantastic videos from ROV dives, and summaries of recent work.

This event will go live at 5pm (BST), on Thursday 1st October.

Link to the Google + event page is here, but you can also follow the hangout using the video stream below on thursday.

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