Experiments in Heat and Salt

Dear MOOCers!

Yesterday we finished filming our versions of the experiments detailed in step 2.13 of the MOOC. With a lot of help from Cristian, Helen and Christopher, we completed each of the four experiments with varying degrees of success! We have given a short explanation for what each of the experiments illustrates in the real world, we hope you enjoy the video, let us know how successful your experiments were!

There are several great images on the padlet wall for this activity, please do share your photos or videos either on padlet or in twitter (@UoSoceans)


Don’t forget you can join in a live chat about the MOOC this thursday where the team will be taking questions on the topics so far, as well as how to pursue a career in ocean sciences. If you have a question, please tweet it using #oceanshangout or leave it on the blog or the forums. If you can’t make the hangout at 1pm, this thursday, the video will be available afterwards.

Millie (@GeoMillie)

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