“What does the ocean mean me” from the NOCS PhD Students!


As preparation for the first week of the MOOC, we thought we would ask the PhD students at NOCS (National Oceanography Centre Southampton) to contribute to the first task. One of your first tasks is to send us a picture or an image, that shows what the ocean means to you, but what does the ocean mean to those of us based in Southampton as a community of ocean and earth scientists?

We asked 200+ PhD students here at NOCS to send us 5 words to that effect, and the results were very interesting. It would be fair to say that choosing only five words was quite a challenge –  with such a broad range of research taking place here, the list is quite varied.

Some of the most commonly used words were probably those to be expected, such as “climate”, “vast” and “powerful” however, there were a few surprises (notably “Pirates”), and some that are a reminder of how vulnerable the oceans are, and reflect some of the concerns driving the research taking place here at NOCS.


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 15.26.03What do you think? Would you choose differently? Can you summarise what the oceans mean to you in five words? If so, let us know what they would be! Tweet your five words to #UoSFLOceansWords or leave a comment on the blog, and at the end of the first week of the course (Friday the 7th February) we will reveal your most used words!


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