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Before we get started on Monday, the course team thought you might appreciate a very brief overview of what to expect from the MOOC, and the topic outlines for each week:

Week 1: A hidden landscape (starts 03 February)

  • Getting started in the course
  • The history of ocean exploration
  • Modern mapping of the oceans

 Week 2: Mobilis in mobili (starts 10 February)

  • How much water is there?
  • Tides
  • Our spinning planet

Week 3: A living soup (starts 17 February)

  • What’s out there?
  • Finding connections
  • Life in the depths

 Week 4: Why is the sea salty?  (starts 24 February)

  • The composition of the ocean
  • The importance of trace elements in the ocean

 Week 5: How do we explore the oceans? (starts 03 March)

  • The technology involved in ocean exploration
  • The teams involved in ocean exploration

Week 6: The future of the oceans (starts 10 March)

  • The human impact
  • Ownership and responsibility
  • Just the beginning

What are you looking forward to learning about the most? Let us know on Twitter #UoSFLOceans!

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