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Our Digital Marketing MOOC Experience

Originally published on the Digichamps blog by Ashley Stout, Amanda Herron and Hannah Watts (MSc Students and MOOC Mentors) The final countdown to the University of Southampton's annual Digital Marketing MOOC is underway. As such, a few of this year's Mentors have shared their experiences from last year to help prepare the new cohort. Continue reading →

Up Periscope! Supporting learning with live broadcasts

Student Digital Champions Tim O’Riordan and Hannah Watts were the brains behind what was probably the first video broadcast using Periscope to support an online course in the UK - a real time discussion between the FutureLearn Digital Marketing MOOC educators Lisa Harris and Chris Phethean. The MOOC asks learners to try out new social tools and think about how they may (or may not) work in a learning or a business context. Continue reading →


If my then 3 year-old sister had her way, I would be named after a 1980’s American Football quarterback, but alas, I’m Amanda. Hailing from the shores of North Carolina, home of the first flight, Pepsi-cola, and BBQ, I have joined the University of Southampton Digital Marketing MSc course this year. Continue reading →

Reflection on the personal data discussions

In week 3 of the MOOC we covered how personal data is used in digital marketing, and some alternative ways which give consumers themselves some control over the construction of their profiles. A lively and engaging discussion took place around the content. Some agreed that behavioural targeting could end up being 'creepy' if it gets too accurate, much like the 'uncanny valley' hypothesis in robotics. The idea of self-created consumer profiles proved controversial. Continue reading →