gotMOOCIf my then 3 year-old sister had her way, I would be named after a 1980’s American Football quarterback, but alas, I’m Amanda. Hailing from the shores of North Carolina, home of the first flight, Pepsi-cola, and BBQ, I have joined the University of Southampton Digital Marketing MSc course this year. As a new addition to the digital marketing post-graduate collective and a freshly minted DigiChamp, I know the value of a great education; more importantly, I know the cost (and not just because the US Dollar to Pounds ratio sucks right now).

I doubt anyone will disagree that furthering education can take a heavy toll on the bank account these days. There are articles galore exploring the reasons behind rising costs and cost-benefit analyses of different universities and degree programs. Even if you are currently paying to further your education, there may be courses outside of your curriculum that you would choose to explore, but additional costs deter you. For all these reasons above, I am surprised more students and non-students are not aware of or simply not participating in MOOCs, which bring a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to everyone. For those unaware, a MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. For those simply not participating, here is your chance!

This month, our very own University of Southampton is featured in the BBC’s Make It Digital initiative with a course delving into the challenges and insights in Digital Marketing! A team of current students and myself will be a key part of the course, acting as facilitators, and bringing thousands of people around the globe into our university via the web.

Lisa Harris, Lead Educator on the MOOC, commented:

‘I’m really looking forward to working with Amanda and the whole student team to encourage learners to get the most out of this amazing opportunity.

Southampton’s Digital Marketing MOOC begins October 19, but you can certainly join now, and I highly recommend that you do! We certainly look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts about the increasingly ubiquitous digital world we live in.

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