#FLDigital: just two weeks to go…

Participating in a ‘massive open online course’ may seem rather daunting at first. But it’s just an opportunity to learn in a different way. We can all benefit from sharing our stories with other people – and on this course we have individuals from a wide range of business and cultural backgrounds. Interacting with others, sharing experiences and building networks is the most important way that you will learn on (and beyond) this course.Tom1You will have many opportunities to share your ideas and discuss your stories on FutureLearn. At other times you may wish to extend the conversations beyond the course, either in face-to-face groups or via social media. Taking part in these discussions can help you to reflect on your own experience and learn from the experiences of others.  Since there are thousands of people registered for this course, you might like to create additional groups based on your specific interests.

We also have some course-specific social networks that you are very welcome to contribute to. For example, this blog aggregates posts from other blogs and you can connect your own course-related blogposts to it via the ‘Social’ page.

The course has its own YouTube channel where you can see and comment on new videos that we post during the course. You can subscribe to this channel too.

Our Twitter handle is @uosFLdigital and the course hashtag is #FLdigital

You may wish to join the Google + community set up by Simon Fogg, one of our regular course participants. Thanks Simon!

We are looking forward to engaging with you all :-)

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